Sprucing Up Wild Oaks Trail (part 2)

Wild Oaks Trail

Does the top of Wild Oaks Trail need to be rerouted? As Wild Oaks Park transitions into Wild Oaks Trail, there are two small sections that tend to concentrate water and get muddy. One way to deal with it is to reroute about 250 feet of trail. The new section would offer more interest and … Continue reading

Sprucing Up Wild Oaks Trail (part 1)

Wet spot on trail at Wild Oaks Park.

Many locals hit this trail regularly and LOVE it tremendously! There are a few places where the Wild Oaks Trail needs some help, but let’s just focus on the annoying “wet spot” where the trail begins at Wild Oaks Park. We want Wild Oaks Trail to be ridden year-round and sustained as a high quality … Continue reading