Talking to the Supers

Handout to Board of Supervisors Jan 7, 2014

First an important announcement — your action is needed this week. I’ll explain in a minute. So I went and talked to the county Board of Supervisors (BOS) this morning, Jan 7th, about paved bikeway projects in El Dorado Hills. In particular, I asked them to direct county staff to submit an application for funding. … Continue reading

Silva to Bass Lake Bikeway

Bike project at Tong Rd

Tong Rd needs a class 1 bike path to connect up with Old Bass Lake Rd. This ¬†critical corridor would join Silva Valley Parkway (north of Hwy 50) to Bass Lake Road. At nearly 2 mile long, this project is part of the bicycle transportation plan (“the plan”) published in 2010 by the El Dorado … Continue reading

Map of Trail Network Proposal

Map for trail network proposal for the El Dorado Hills community.

This map will help people to envision a trail network that will not only give trail users a place to play and exercise but will also add tremendous value and benefits to our community and the surrounding areas. El Dorado Hills should already have a comprehensive trail network and yet we don’t. EDHtrails is working … Continue reading

What Do Trail Runners Like

Trail runner on Bucks Creek Trail

What do trail runners like in a trail? Answer – a lot of the same things as mountain bikers and nature walkers. Who knew? Personally, I’m more in tune with the mountain biker community and wrote about their preferences earlier. I know biker preferences really well, but I do run trails too as part of … Continue reading

Can you imagine 32 miles of trail?

Cohesive trail network in El Dorado Hills has 32 miles of built and unbuilt trail

Can you imagine 32 miles of (mostly natural) trail in the central core area of El Dorado Hills? I can. Can you see yourself, family, friends, or neighbors on these trails? This is my 1st public debut of this vision. Read around this blog and you’ll understand why I’m working hard for this cause. As … Continue reading

List of Trail Issues

Example of what is called a class 1 trail.

As I sat last night in the parks and recreation sub-committee meeting and discussed my vision for a comprehensive rugged trail network, I noticed something that I’m still thinking about this morning. Actually there are lots of things about last night that are still bouncing around upstairs, but what has me sitting down right now … Continue reading