Silva to Bass Lake Bikeway

Bike project at Tong Rd

Tong Rd needs a class 1 bike path to connect up with Old Bass Lake Rd. This ¬†critical corridor would join Silva Valley Parkway (north of Hwy 50) to Bass Lake Road. At nearly 2 mile long, this project is part of the bicycle transportation plan (“the plan”) published in 2010 by the El Dorado … Continue reading

Trails and Fire Protection

Trail acts like a fire break for community benefit.

Trails provide fire protection as a community benefit. It’s fire season again. It happens every year like winter-spring-summer-fall. El Dorado Hills is graced with a beautiful grassy oak studded landscape, but with that asset comes a liability – fire danger. Recently this season, in June and July, we’ve had 2 large fires nearby. KCRA reported … Continue reading

EDCTC Funds Trail on Francisco Drive

The El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) approved state funding,¬†According to Wendy Schultz at the Mountain Democrat, to connect existing trail segments and add a class 2 bike lane. “The EDCTC also approved $150,000 in State Exchange Transportation Enhancement funds at the request of the El Dorado County Community Development Agency for bicycle and pedestrian … Continue reading

How much do trails cost?

Cost comparison for building paved paths versus simple rugged dirt surface trails.

Dirt trails are cheap. This is one of those few times where you can have your cake and eat it to. EDH lacks enough dirt trails that appeal to hikers, runners, and mountain bikers AND we could have many more miles of trails without the high costs of other “trail” types. If you ignore costs … Continue reading

Volunteers Build Trails

Trail work by volunteers on the Deer Creek Hills Preserve near Rancho Murieta.

The vision map calls for 14 miles of new trails added to an existing 18 miles for a total of 32 miles. The existing trails are mostly paved and graveled, were expensive to build, and have a number of issues (see other post). Adding 14 more miles of simple rugged dirt trails, as I first … Continue reading

What is LUPPU?

Sample of draft zoning map from the March 2011 community presentation in El Dorado Hills, CA.

LUPPU is how land use and zoning will change in El Dorado County. Don’t doubt it. The last “U” stands for “Update” as in “Land Use Programmatic Policy UPDATE“. It’s a big, complex government process that in the end will likely have significant implications for a variety of things, trails being just one. I’m new … Continue reading

Can you imagine 32 miles of trail?

Cohesive trail network in El Dorado Hills has 32 miles of built and unbuilt trail

Can you imagine 32 miles of (mostly natural) trail in the central core area of El Dorado Hills? I can. Can you see yourself, family, friends, or neighbors on these trails? This is my 1st public debut of this vision. Read around this blog and you’ll understand why I’m working hard for this cause. As … Continue reading

List of Trail Issues

Example of what is called a class 1 trail.

As I sat last night in the parks and recreation sub-committee meeting and discussed my vision for a comprehensive rugged trail network, I noticed something that I’m still thinking about this morning. Actually there are lots of things about last night that are still bouncing around upstairs, but what has me sitting down right now … Continue reading

Trail – New York Creek Trail

Doubletrack dirt trail winding through our typical grassy oak woodland landscape

CLICK here to view photo tour I love this trail! It was the first trail I discovered in El Dorado Hills and I owe a lot of credit to it for getting me excited about mountain biking again. Having such a nice trail in the neighborhood is a fantastic community asset. This trail is short … Continue reading