We’ve made support easy to do. Support local El Dorado Hills trails in one or more ways. I’ll update this page as new ways to support become available. Contact us at EDHTrails @ (remove extra spaces)

Support trails by signing the petition for more dirt trails in El Dorado Hills

Support trails by signing the petition for more dirt trails in El Dorado Hills.



  • Eyes & ears wanted – Take time to send information to via our Facebook page.
  • Writers wanted – want to take on a writing assignment or have an idea of your own? Let’s talk.
  • Graphic artist wanted – we need help making graphics for this website.
  • Trail maintenance – raise your hand so we can contact you when needed.

Spread the Word

  • Follow our Facebook page
  • Like individual posts (important so FB continues to show you our stuff)
  • Talk with friends about a dirt trail network
  • Share this blog with friends


This is as grassroots as it gets. We need funds to buy lawn signs, Facebook campaigns, and other promotional efforts. Contact us through the Facebook page or send email to EDHTrails @  (remove extra spaces)

Other Info:

Future – stay tuned for future polls, surveys, community meetings or other ways to support trails in El Dorado Hills.

About privacy – I will never distribute your personal private information or use it for any other purpose than what is clearly stated on this website and not in any fine print. I don’t even have any fine print. The petition asks for an email address so to prove you are human and so that I may keep you informed about when you can take action again. For example, if there is an important petition, survey, vote,  or community meeting that you would want to be aware of then I may use your email address to send you a short note.

2 Responses to “Support”
  1. TBuno says:

    I can imagine them! And coming from Folsom I would love to ride from my garage and not have to drive to granite bay or salmon falls. This would really help me ride on weeknights!

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