Trail at Saratoga Way

Saratoga Way to Iron Point Road Needs Improvements

Saratoga Way in El Dorado Hills dead ends and turns into a rough wide dirt track heading west until it runs into Iron Point Road at the county line in Folsom. It looks somewhat like a poorly maintained trail but it’s really little more than a well beaten path. Some call these things “social trails”. … Continue reading

Wild Oaks Park Trail as it approaches Cambria Way.

Wild Oaks Park Trail

  CLICK HERE for the live MAP TOUR Nestled between big homes in a sleepy little neighborhood in El Dorado Hills, the Wild Oaks Park Trail is often overlooked. Many people know about the park since it sits at the busy corner of Francisco Blvd and El Dorado Hills Blvd. There’s not much there except … Continue reading

Stalemate Broken on El Dorado Trail

Friends of El Dorado Trail and El Dorado County Transportation Commission have worked long and hard for years to advance the development of this trail. Now its official – the El Dorado Trail is a “trail”. I know that sounds funny. That’s because it is – as is often the case when you peek at the bureaucratic underbelly … Continue reading

Map for trail network proposal for the El Dorado Hills community.

Map of Trail Network Proposal

This map will help people to envision a trail network that will not only give trail users a place to play and exercise but will also add tremendous value and benefits to our community and the surrounding areas. El Dorado Hills should already have a comprehensive trail network and yet we don’t. EDHtrails is working … Continue reading

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship crew

Five Bucks a Foot

  Win a sweet IBIS mountain bike and build some trail at the same time! IBIS and other sponsors are supporting the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS) by donating a custom mountain bike as the grand prize for this fundraising event. Each raffle ticket is $5 and it earns 1 foot of trail. From the … Continue reading

Trail runner on Bucks Creek Trail

What Do Trail Runners Like

What do trail runners like in a trail? Answer – a lot of the same things as mountain bikers and nature walkers. Who knew? Personally, I’m more in tune with the mountain biker community and wrote about their preferences earlier. I know biker preferences really well, but I do run trails too as part of … Continue reading

Trail acts like a fire break for community benefit.

Trails and Fire Protection

Trails provide fire protection as a community benefit. It’s fire season again. It happens every year like winter-spring-summer-fall. El Dorado Hills is graced with a beautiful grassy oak studded landscape, but with that asset comes a liability – fire danger. Recently this season, in June and July, we’ve had 2 large fires nearby. KCRA reported … Continue reading

EDCTC Funds Trail on Francisco Drive

The El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) approved state funding, According to Wendy Schultz at the Mountain Democrat, to connect existing trail segments and add a class 2 bike lane. “The EDCTC also approved $150,000 in State Exchange Transportation Enhancement funds at the request of the El Dorado County Community Development Agency for bicycle and pedestrian … Continue reading

Parks and Trails Master Plan – El Dorado County

El Dorado County has a “Parks and Trails Master Plan” document that is a great wealth of information. The problem is that it’s nearly 200 pages long!! Lucky for you I’ve read it and am going to distill some key findings that I think are relevant to the efforts represented on this blog. If you … Continue reading

Example of what is called a class 1 trail.

Trail Types Description

For the benefit of those who are not yet aware, I thought having a brief description of the various trail types in our local area would be very helpful. I’m a firm believer that having a common understanding never hurts, and often helps, decision-making. You’ll find that a fair bit of what I write about … Continue reading