About EDHtrails.org ::

Welcome to my blog about trails, trail users, and trail advocacy in the beautiful community called El Dorado Hills, California. EDH, which is short-hand for El Dorado Hills, is tucked neatly into the Sierra foothills between the city of Folsom and Cameron Park along highway 50 and south of Folsom Lake. It’s an unincorporated place that’s home to about 42,000 people.

I’m new to the community and wanted to do something to make it even better than it already is. There’s already some pretty nice trails in the area and there’s a need for more. Trails do so much for a community such as keeping people healthy and connecting people to the outdoors, always a good thing. Personally these trails specifically got me off the couch and back into the (bike) saddle, something I had gotten away from years ago. More on that later.

Goals ::

  • Organize trail users in El Dorado Hills
  • Build large “trail awareness” culture in EDH
  • Add miles of new rugged trail in EDH
  • Excite people about trails – especially youth
  • Support economic development through trails

In the course of working towards the goals, many topics need attention. Stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page to keep yourself updated with information and opportunities for you to take action in support of trails in El Dorado Hills.

Topics for discussion ::

  • trail network – trail system
  • community benefits from trails
  • existing trail descriptions & photos
  • trail maps
  • trail repair & maintenance
  • trail connectivity
  • nearby trails (not in EDH)
  • new trail opportunities
  • skills park and pump tracks
  • trail safety issues
  • landuse designations and ownership
  • government activity
  • trail users and user groups
  • accessing trailheads
  • trail stewardship
  • regulations

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El Dorado Hills community map

El Dorado Hills community map.

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