Browns Ravine to Salmon Falls area trails

View from Sweetwater Trail along Folsom Lake. New online map is published for trails at Folsom Lake.

Adjacent to El Dorado Hills community is Folsom Lake State Recreation Area whose eastern shoreline hosts several miles of high quality dirt trails for hikers, runners, equestrians, and mountain bikers. Not all of the trails are open to all of the user types so check with CA State Parks and trail signage for official access rules. Our unofficial map also reflects those current rules (as of May 2014).

Download/Open map files for Google Earth:

(Note: download files require Google Earth to view — get it from Google here.)

Screenshot of Google Earth Map:

Google Earth map of trails nearby El Dorado Hills within the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

Google Earth map of trails nearby El Dorado Hills within the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. See downloads to view in Google Earth.

Description – MIAD to Marina

The Mormon Island Auxillary Dam (MIAD) to Brown’s Ravine Marina trail is a fantastically fun multi-user trail open to hikers, runners, equestrians, and mountain bikers. Parts of it are wide but half or more is narrow singletrack. This is a very popular and highly trafficked trail due to its easy access and close proximity to El Dorado Hills and City of Folsom. Street parking is nearby the dam at the intersection of Green Valley and Sophia Parkway. On the other end, parking and access is near the Brown’s Ravine entrance off of Green Valley.

Description – Marina to New York Creek

The trail from Brown’s Ravine Marina towards New York Creek makes for a great trail run, hike, or equestrian ride. Bikers are not allowed on this section of trail according to CA State Parks. The primary access point for this trail is where the trail meets the park entrance road a short distance past the guard shack. Parking is available in the large dirt area on the left as you enter the park. A popular segment goes from the Marina out to the “Spanish House” and back. You’ll know you’ve reached the “Spanish House” when the dirt trail crosses a paved maintenance road almost 3 miles from the Marina. No parking is allowed at the other end of the trail where it crosses New York Creek on a big wooden bridge.

Description – New York Creek to Old Salmon Falls

The segment of trail sees very light use due to the limited accessibility. Most travelers park at Falcon Crest or the Old Salmon Falls parking lot. The trail is poorly maintained and highly overgrown with poison oak. No legal parking is allowed at the end crossing New York Creek.

Description – Sweetwater Trail

Sweetwater Trail is “sweet”. This scenic and intimate trail keeps surprising its travelers with rewards mile after mile. Legal for pedestrians, bikers, and equestrians – this trail mostly sees runners and mountain bikers on any given day. Access is gained from its large parking lot at its northern end off of Salmon Falls Road nearby the big steel bridge. Restroom facilities are at this parking lot. The other end has street parking along the shoulder of Salmon Falls Rd where there’s a heavy gate and usually several parked vehicles.

Other Trails Nearby:

There are a few other trails nearby the ones described.

  • Wild Oaks Trail (a.k.a. “3 bridges”)
  • Darrington (a.k.a. “Salmon Falls Trail”)
  • South Fork of the American River Trail (a.k.a. “SFART”)

Amenities Nearby:

Photos of Trails:

FATRAC “share the trail” flyer

FATRAC tips for sharing trails


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