Silva to Bass Lake Bikeway

Bike project at Tong Rd

Intersection at Tong Road and Silva Valley ParkwayTong Rd needs a class 1 bike path to connect up with Old Bass Lake Rd. This  critical corridor would join Silva Valley Parkway (north of Hwy 50) to Bass Lake Road. At nearly 2 mile long, this project is part of the bicycle transportation plan (“the plan”) published in 2010 by the El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) and adopted by the Board of Supervisors Nov 9th, 2010. It would have a middle section that is a class 1 bike/pedestrian-only segment sandwiched on both ends by class 3 bike routes.

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Tong Rd ends into Old Bass Lake Rd - this is where the project's class 1 bike path would begin.Starting at the intersection of Silva Valley Parkway & Tong Road, head east on Tong for half a mile passing the church on your left. This segment would be a class 3 bike route that ends at what’s now the end of this county road. Here is where the new class 1 bikeway, according to EDCTC, would begin. This class 1 would stretch only 550 meters to the location where there is now a big red gate. Continuing east, this private section of Old Bass Lake Rd is approximately 3/4th mile long until it transitions into a public county road again for another 500 meters and ending at the intersection with Bass Lake Road. See reference map & photos.

Why here?

  • Segment of the “Hwy 50 Corridor Bike Route” defined by EDCTC as proposed in the plan.


    Click to see the plan

  • Tier 1 proposed improvement in the bicycle transportation plan (ch.5 – pg.12)
  • On the “priority project list” in the plan (ch.6 – pg.1)
  • Specifically identified problem area as described in the plan (ch.5 – pg. 14)
  • Identified as priority by the El Dorado Hills Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Committee over the course of 3 meetings during early 2013 with staff from EDCTC, EDHCSD, and EDC Transportation Division.
  • Allows for more efficient travel between Cameron Park, Bass Lake area, and EDH Town Center.
  • Local biking clubs such as Team Revolutions and Hammerin’ Wheels want this important corridor opened up.

Why now?

$10 million dollars of Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funding is being made available by EDCTC. Applications are DUE Feb 5, 2014. The El Dorado County Transportation Division would be the appropriate entity to file an application.

Take Action NOW !

You can do a couple easy things right now before the CMAQ application deadline Feb 5, 2014:

  1. Email District 1 County Supervisor Ron Mikulaco ASAP to tell him how important this project is and that the county should apply for funding. His email is
  2. Email District 2 County Supervisor Ray Nutting ASAP to tell him the same. His email is
  3. Ask your friends to take action now for better biking.

(edit: EDH Trails went and talked to the Board of Supervisors on Jan 7th. You can read about it here.)

See the county’s district map to discover which Supervisor is yours and your friends’.

Click here for the PHOTO MAP TOUR

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Intersection at Tong Road and Silva Valley Parkway

Looking south-east at the intersection of Silva Valley Parkway and Tong Road.

Future class 1 path

Part of the old Lincoln Highway is still in pretty good shape and should be converted into a class 1 bike path.

Old Bass Lake Rd is closed

Old Bass Lake Rd is closed to the public blocking this important segment of the Hwy 50 corridor bike transportation plan.

Bike project at Tong Rd

As part of the EDCTC bicycle plan, this critical segment joins Silva Valley Parkway to Bass Lake Rd by way of Tong Rd and Old Bass Lake Rd.

Click here for the PHOTO MAP TOUR


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