Talking to the Supers

Handout to Board of Supervisors Jan 7, 2014

First an important announcement — your action is needed this week. I’ll explain in a minute. So I went and talked to the county Board of Supervisors (BOS) this morning, Jan 7th, about paved bikeway projects in El Dorado Hills. In particular, I asked them to direct county staff to submit an application for funding. … Continue reading

Silva to Bass Lake Bikeway

Bike project at Tong Rd

Tong Rd needs a class 1 bike path to connect up with Old Bass Lake Rd. This ¬†critical corridor would join Silva Valley Parkway (north of Hwy 50) to Bass Lake Road. At nearly 2 mile long, this project is part of the bicycle transportation plan (“the plan”) published in 2010 by the El Dorado … Continue reading