Saratoga Way to Iron Point Road Needs Improvements

A temporary bridge is needed on trail between Saratoga Way and Iron Point Road.

A temporary bridge is needed here.

Saratoga Way in El Dorado Hills dead ends and turns into a rough wide dirt track heading west until it runs into Iron Point Road at the county line in Folsom. It looks somewhat like a poorly maintained trail but it’s really little more than a well beaten path. Some call these things “social trails”. They’re kind of like wildlife “game trails” but for humans and by humans. LOL

CLICK HERE to see the photo map tour

Click to see photo map tour of the project area.

Click to see photo map tour of the project area spanning from Saratoga Way to Iron Point Road.

The trail needs a little help. The primary issue is the single natural swale creating a tiny water drainage. During the hot summer months, it’ll dry out but for the rest of the year there is water and mud. This makes for difficult crossings by everyone whether they are on foot or mountain bike. People have taken to throwing things into the wet intersection of trail and drainage just to have some hope of crossing it without getting muddy. The efforts don’t look that successful and everyone will agree that it isn’t pretty either. See picture.


  1. Add simple temporary bridge
  2. Lightly grade trail tread for drainage & smoothing
  3. Add decomposed granite topper to trail surface

Initial Plan for Action

  • Ask ED County to work on environmental requirements and any other hoops such as permission from the land owner.
  • Raise money
  • Organize volunteers from community
  • Construction project management
  • Get’r done


This part of our community has been identified already in the 2004 County General Plan as an important transportation corridor. In 2006, a project was initiated with the final goal being a four-lane road extending Iron Point Road (Folsom) to Saratoga Way paid for by El Dorado Hills TIM fees.  To date the costs, which have been mostly for planning, add up to approximately $1.1M and the final costs remaining are estimated to be another $10.4M. The construction is thought to conclude phase 1 of 2 sometime between 2023-2032. See the 2013 CIP Project Summary. While there is no known proposal for developing that parcel of land, the County’s plans could shift should the land owner suddenly submit a new project proposal.

Point is that there is a road that will eventually, maybe 10 years from now, maybe longer, get built and therefore wipe out this dirt track and my proposed improvements.

So why improve the trail? Good question. The road could be 10-20 years away. People are using this trail now. More people would use it if it were a little easier and safer. This could be a great opportunity for the local community to partner with county government and for both to get something they want. The locals want a safe, usable corridor now. The County wants to facilitate economic development with alternative transportation modes.

If the County and local community pulled together to each do parts of the total effort then we could make this social trail more useful for the community. I’ll go out on my optimistic limb here and say this could get done before Thanksgiving 2014.

Just saying.

CLICK HERE to see the photo map tour

VIDEO someone published showing the social trail.

If you have comments or want to get involved you can post those below on this page or post to our Facebook page. This particular project is something that’s going to require additional people to help drive it.

One Response to “Saratoga Way to Iron Point Road Needs Improvements”
  1. Roy Pfingsten says:

    Since White Rock Rd is suicide between Scott Rd and Latrobe, having this be a serviceable road bike route would be a God sent. In the meantime, having it be a good mtb trail would be a great start.

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