Wild Oaks Park Trail


Wild Oaks Park in El Dorado Hills, California

Wild Oaks Park in El Dorado Hills, California

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Nestled between big homes in a sleepy little neighborhood in El Dorado Hills, the Wild Oaks Park Trail is often overlooked. Many people know about the park since it sits at the busy corner of Francisco Blvd and El Dorado Hills Blvd.

There’s not much there except for, you guessed it, a bunch of wild oak trees and a fair amount of poison oak to boot. I’m always surprised to hear, when talking to friends, that they don’t know about the trail that starts at the gravel lot and follows the natural ravine downhill.

CLICK HERE for the live MAP TOUR 

What you can expect is a sturdy trail tread that is well graded for year-round use for the most part. There are a few brief sections that can be wet at times. What’s interesting and different are the 4 bridges you cross as you meander back and forth across the drainage.

Be careful on one bridge that has a hand rail on only one side. The other side has a little drop off. It’s very cool to traverse but just be on your guard.

Linking up trails? At the upper end of the trail, go across EDH Blvd and down Francisco to find the trailhead for New York Creek Trail. Look for the small bridge crossing the creek and Jackson Elementary School.

At the lower end of Wild Oaks, cross Green Valley to enter Brown’s Ravine in Folsom SRA. As you enter the park, look on your left for a well beaten trail. This leads to the wing dam called “dike 8” and beyond.

Wild Oaks Park Trail as it approaches Cambria Way.

Wild Oaks Park Trail as it approaches Cambria Way. Click to see live map and photo tour.

This trail is also shown as part of the proposed trail network for El Dorado Hills. It is a very important part of the network because it drops you right into the entrance of Brown’s Ravine. Coming back it takes you to the major transportation corridor called El Dorado Hills Blvd.

Enjoy! This is probably my favorite trail in all of EDH.

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If you support having and want more dirt trails in El Dorado Hills then go to our petition online and sign to voice your support.  Link to petition for dirt trails. These dirt trails contribute to making EDH the unique and highly livable community it is.

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