Stalemate Broken on El Dorado Trail

Friends of El Dorado Trail and El Dorado County Transportation Commission have worked long and hard for years to advance the development of this trail. Now its official – the El Dorado Trail is a “trail”. I know that sounds funny. That’s because it is – as is often the case when you peek at the bureaucratic underbelly of government.

On October 1st, the county Board of Supervisors declared the trail a “trail” and directed county staff to declare the trail open to the public. To me and you, it’s been open for quite some time but apparently not. To some, the daily traffic, removal of no trespassing signs, and trail maintenance doesn’t equate to “open”. Word is that county staffers were playing bureaucratic backgammon. Whatever – this is a huge breakthrough for trail advocates in the region. Kuddos to the Board of Supervisors for finally calling a spade a spade instead of supporting political bias. And a really big “thank you” needs to be said to Friends of El Dorado Trail for working the issue.

Now go out there and have fun on the TRAIL!

Who wants to ride the segment from Shingle Springs to In-n-Out Burger in Folsom? See MTBproject by IMBA website for map of El Dorado Trail.

Read the full story in the Mountain Democrat :: click here for full story

Photo credit: Jeff “The Beast” Barker, Folsom Breakouts

2 Responses to “Stalemate Broken on El Dorado Trail”
  1. Mike Lyster says:

    I want to ride SS to In-n-Out!

  2. edhtrails says:

    Let’s do it! Call it the “Burger Ride”.

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