Map of Trail Network Proposal

Map for trail network proposal for the El Dorado Hills community.

This map will help people to envision a trail network that will not only give trail users a place to play and exercise but will also add tremendous value and benefits to our community and the surrounding areas. El Dorado Hills should already have a comprehensive trail network and yet we don’t. EDHtrails is working to promote and develop a vision for a better trail system for our community. Here’s the initial rough design for a network of interconnected trails as of August 21, 2013.  Click here to see the live interactive trail map for the proposal.

Several weeks ago a brief introduction for the trail network proposal was made public. It was very brief but served its purpose. This page introduces the concept a little more and debuts the live interactive map with satellite imagery as the backdrop. More specifics about the proposal will come later on the website.

Click to see the map

Proposed trail alignments and existing trails as of Aug 2013

Proposed trail alignments and existing trails as of Aug 2013

Why now?

The effort began with one person recognizing a problem and deciding to get off the couch and do something about it. It’s really as simple as that.

There are a number of trail issues, which were outlined in another article, plaguing the existing trails right now. At the top of that list and what I hear people express again and again is “connectivity”. We have some trails around here, but they tend to be isolated, inconsistent, sporadic, disjointed, and the list goes on.

Couple that reality with the housing development pattern in recent years and what is foreseeable in the coming years and you begin the see the walls closing in. What could have been a bright shining star in the region is really not possible any more. That door probably closed about 10 years ago.

Instead, let’s take the “glass is half full” outlook. There is land right now that isn’t fully developed yet. Yes some of it is designated open space, some is zoned for housing, some already has “specific plans.”  People want more trails and better trails. Its time we make that happen. We can make that happen. Join us in advocating for trails in El Dorado Hills. Even non-users of trails will reap the community benefits brought by a high-quality trail network around El Dorado Hills.

About trail alignments:

Why are the trail alignments where they are? The orange-yellow lines seen in the map are representing unbuilt proposed trails. Their precise placement and exact shape at this time are merely visionary. The alignments are not whimsical though- there are a lot of factors  considered while deciding every trail’s line placement. Some of the main things considered while designing were…

  • land use designations in the county general plan and in developer’s specific plans or proposed plans
  • land ownership
  • developments in progress
  • connectivity with existing trails
  • terrain topography
  • trail features & quality
  • neighborhood access points
  • destinations

Consider this like a planning sketch for discussion purposes only. The data is imperfect and incomplete. A full discussion is only just barely beginning. We will refine, modify, add, and delete trail alignments as needed and necessary.

Next Steps…

This is the beginning. is building the vision and justification and making the necessary relationships with County and EDH leadership. None of this will get built without community support. Here are some things YOU can do right now:

  1. Register your support by signing the petition for dirt trails.
  2. Like our Facebook page (EDHtrails) to stay informed
  3. Talk with your friends about how great a trail system in EDH would be
  4. Join the discussion
  5. Keep an eye out for future surveys and events
  6. Contact us if you want to get more involved. It’s welcomed! What can you bring to the table?

Special thanks for supporting goes to Jenna, Jodi, Jackie, Jeff, Craig, Steve, MK, NM and all the people who have liked EDHtrails on Facebook or signed the petition already. Hope you know how much it means. Thank you.

Your thoughts…?

What do you think? Yes I know that is a broad reaching question and perhaps too wide open. But let’s hear what comes to mind – what’s your initial reaction? What benefits do you think this network would add to El Dorado Hills and our neighbors? How would you use the network? Are there benefits for you even if you aren’t actually a user? We want to hear your thoughts, and over the coming weeks and months EDHtrails will continue to build the economic and community benefits case in favor of trails. Stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page.

live local ~ play local


4 Responses to “Map of Trail Network Proposal”
  1. Tara Mccann says:

    Yes I would like to get more involved and share with you what I can bring to the table. Please contact me I wasn’t able to make yesterday’s CSD Park & Trails Committee meeting.
    Tara Mccann

  2. Roy Pfingsten says:

    I work on the south side of I-50, near Golden Foothill Parkway and Latrobe, and there is a wet creek that runs from at least White Rock Rd past the water treatment plant at Latrobe and Suncast Ln, eventually joining a network of small creeks which irrigates the lowland micro-delta at Sloughhouse and Rancho Murieta. Assuming the state or federal government has rights of way along those waterways, it would be wonderful if they could be planned into a trail system.

    It is of some urgency, because the pace of building up on the ridges along Latrobe is incredible, and there are new organizations cropping up to push back against this unbridled scarring of the land. These organizations could be great allies, or ferocious foes, depending on how they are engaged. Meanwhile the lowland owners feel under assault from all the neuvo riche building, so to the extent a trail system might give them cover to keep from getting bought out they too might be wonderful allies.

    Bottom line, there is a real lack of public spaces in south of I-50, and those of us who work out there find few safe places to get a little exercise at lunch or after work.

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