Five Bucks a Foot

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship crew


Win this IBIS bike for $5 per ticket

Win this IBIS bike for $5 per ticket

Win a sweet IBIS mountain bike and build some trail at the same time! IBIS and other sponsors are supporting the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS) by donating a custom mountain bike as the grand prize for this fundraising event. Each raffle ticket is $5 and it earns 1 foot of trail. From the SBTS website…

This year, the proceeds are specifically targeting, the almost finished and totally excellent, Mills Peak Trail, located in the Lakes Basin above Graeagle. Proceeds from the last few Ibis campaigns were used to buy an excavator that helped build most of the trail. It’s now 90% done and did we mention it is excellent? Oh yes we did. If we do say so ourselves, this is a trail that you must see, our crack team of trail studs have created a work of art disguised as a trail. It is really fun to experience.

Read more about it here. All proceeds go to Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship.

End of raffle is August 21, 2013.

$5 per foot = $26,400 per mile <– just a reference point for cost comparisons 🙂


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