320 Acres Preserved by Sacramento Valley Conservancy

Sacramento Valley Conservancy

Sacramento Valley Conservancy

Sacramento Valley Conservancy scores 320 acres in a conservation easement south of Folsom on the eastern edge of Sacramento County. I wish there was a map of the easement to show you but none was provided in the newsletter published by SVC. The best I can do is show you the regional map depicting the Deer Creek Hills Preserve. There’s some beautiful oak woodland and grassland terrain in that area and I can only hope SVC is planning to open up recreational uses like on the nearby Deer Creek Hills Preserve.

(I am learning about this in the SVC newsletter and could not find anymore details on their news page at this time; maybe it’ll show up later.)

Easton Development Company Gencorp, in partnership with the Barton-Mosher family, have together fulfilled part of Easton’s mitigation requirement for their Glenborough at Easton and Easton Place projects at Aerojet along Highway 50. And the family ranching business benefits in kind by securing future operations. Congratulations to all involved. Well done.

The new easement is part of SVC’s long-term plan to protect a 10,000-acre corridor in the eastern area of Sacramento County. The planned corridor intends to connect the American River watershed (from Lake Natoma) to the Consumnes River watershed and the Deer Creek Hills Preserve.

The corridor is said to potentially add 13 miles to the American River Parkway. Presumably they mean paved class 1 paths. Again, I hope they have rugged natural surface trails in mind too.

The Barton-Mosher Ranch is located at the eastern edge of Sacramento County, just south of Folsom. It’s a family owned ranch producing beef cattle for over 150 years.

By the way, Deer Creek Hills Preserve has some fantastic skinny trails winding thru beautiful oak woodlands. I recently participated in the IMBA trail care clinic held there, and we moved a section of trail. There are free Monday night rides now and Saturday morning rides ($10); check the SVC calendar because I think it is seasonal.

I’m wondering if this new easement has any close proximity (see map) to the El Dorado Trail

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