Can you imagine 32 miles of trail?

Cohesive trail network in El Dorado Hills has 32 miles of built and unbuilt trail

Imagine 32 miles or more of a cohesive trail network that encompasses the central core of El Dorado Hills. This concept map shows 14 miles of new rugged natural surface trails added to an existing 17.9 miles of paved and graveled trails.

Can you imagine 32 miles of (mostly natural) trail in the central core area of El Dorado Hills? I can. Can you see yourself, family, friends, or neighbors on these trails?

This is my 1st public debut of this vision. Read around this blog and you’ll understand why I’m working hard for this cause. As of this writing (June ’13) I have not yet fully written all or even a lot of the justification. It’s coming. Today I started an introduction to the main issues with trails currently. I still need to write about the positive attributes. Basically the reasons boil down to being a very good thing for our community in many ways without being expensive to build or maintain. So many communities in the region will never have this. We could.

I’ve ridden around much of the community and explored what’s on the ground right now. I’ve also examined what’s not yet fully developed and what developers have in the pipeline. And what I’ve concluded is that there is a small window of opportunity to retain and enhance the special qualities of El Dorado Hills.

The blue lines on the small map represent existing trails, paths, bike lanes in the area I’m calling “central El Dorado Hills”. Roughly speaking, that includes Brown’s Ravine to highway 50 and Empire Ranch to the ridgeline in Serrano.  The other areas of EDH not represented (yet) are simply not there because I’ve not gotten to them yet. So you can expect the mileage to increase a little for existing paths and a lot for proposed trail.

The orange-yellow lines are representing unbuilt proposed trails. Their precise placement and exact shape should not be judged too harshly just yet; these are one person’s initial thoughts on a vision. There’s a lot of factors I considered while deciding every trail’s line placement. Some of the main things considered while drawing were…

  • land use designations in the county general plan and in developer’s specific plans or proposed plans.
  • land ownership
  • developments in progress
  • connectivity with existing trails
  • terrain topography
  • trail features & quality
  • neighborhood access points
  • destinations

By the way, the map is small. I know. It’s intentionally small for now. I’ve got large detailed versions with satellite imagery and street basemaps. I’m working on those some more and will get those out in due time. So stay tuned.


Do not let the window close on this opportunity for El Dorado Hills. Like the concept at least? Show some love and support. Sign the petition. Click the like button below on this page. Like us on Facebook. Your visible support will get seen. Take the poll below.

Disclaimer: I’m sharing a vision for people rally around and begin discussing. This is not a call or endorsement to break the law or disrespect property owners.

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