List of Trail Issues

Example of what is called a class 1 trail.

As I sat last night in the parks and recreation sub-committee meeting and discussed my vision for a comprehensive rugged trail network, I noticed something that I’m still thinking about this morning. Actually there are lots of things about last night that are still bouncing around upstairs, but what has me sitting down right now to write is this.

While describing the vision for a trail network, Shawna (from El Dorado County) apparently was listening closely and writing notes! Come to find out that at least some of what she was writing down was a “list of issues” about trails. I’m sure she wrote down other stuff. I certainly hope I spoke about other stuff too. But let me just focus now on “the issues” as I see them. I wont dive deep into any right now; this is just meant to start the list.

The simple list of trail issues:

(in no particular order)

  • connectivity — disconnected and/or short trails that don’t connect to another trail are less useful
  • quality — think quality of experience when used by trail runners, mountain bikers, hikers, nature walkers, etc.
  • quantity & length — some trails are too short or don’t connect to other trails and consequently don’t offer enough distance to be useful to users. A “useful distance” will depend on the user.
  • surface — what we have now is mostly smooth paved or graded gravel paths. What we need more of are rugged natural surface trails.
  • extent — the current trails are mostly concentrated in certain small areas of the community.
  • cost to build — the current types of trails we have are the most expensive types to build.
  • cost to maintain — the current types of trails we have are the most expensive to maintain.
  • access onto trail — because the trail extent is limited, a corresponding limited portion of community has easy, convenient access to trailheads.
  • destinations — ideally trails lead to somewhere interesting, loop around, connect to other trails.
  • variety — people like variety in life and trails are no different. There can be variety it all sorts of things like surface type, direction of travel, combinations of trail segments, scenery, distance, and destinations.
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