Whistler Adds Kids Bikes to Rental Fleet

Kids on mountain bikes

Whistler Blackcomb has added downhill mountain bikes designed specifically for kids to its rental fleet. GIANT Bicylces has developed the Yukon, a brand new kids mountain bike specifically designed for the Whistler Mountain Bike Park and the little rippers that like to play there. The 24-inch dual suspension bike allows for a smooth ride and enables kids to have a seamless first experience in the bike park. Also new this summer, Whistler Blackcomb added Norco’s kid-specific mountain bike to its rental fleet. Norco Ninjas are outfitted with a rugged aluminum frame and dual fork suspension.

I like this news because it demonstrates a certain full-circle maturity in mountain biking. Biking is the #1 activity most liked universally by kids. Everyone learned to ride a bike growing up. It’s that love for biking that activated Gary Fisher and others to pioneer what we call “mountain biking” today. The MTB founders were adults when creating the sport and the activity is probably still mostly done by adults. But this news story exemplifies how that once adults-only activity has evolved full circle to include kids again. Major bike manufacturers (GIANT, Norco) have decided the marketplace is big enough to create quality kid specific mountain bikes. Then Whistler resort, seeing the same growth in users, also invested resources to develop kid friendly features and add kids bikes to their rental fleet.

El Dorado Hills could take similar steps forward by adding trails, offering skills clinics, or even creating a biking skills park. This community has the resources to do that sort of stuff. There’s a window of opportunity in front of us now. I fear that window won’t be open forever or even for very long.


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