Map: El Dorado Hills community area


This map (thanks Google) shows the community boundary for EDH. The western edge butts up to Folsom Lake (great trails) and the city of Folsom.

Folsom sets a great example as a community that has made having a cohesive trail network a priority and asset. In Folsom’s case, I use the word “trail” loosely; they’re probably more correctly called paved “paths” and “lanes”. You can travel all around town fairly safely and easily. Many pathways are wide asphalt surfaces cutting thru and connecting housing neighborhoods, parks, and retail. When talking to friends and acquaintances alike, the Folsom bike trails and paths are often quickly cited as a favorite quality or community asset.

El Dorado Hills, while not void of it’s own bike paths and trails, should learn the lesson exemplified by its close neighbor to the west. A large, cohesive, pervasive trail network is highly valued by the residents and visitors. A trail network adds value: to homes, to sense of community, to community health, to community well-being.


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